3 Tips To Help You Sell Your House For Top Dollar For Michigan Sellers

Lets Dive in.

1.Make Your House Look New

Buyers are more picky now then ever. The following are the best ways to stick out in today’s market.

  • Clean the inside of the house nothing should be blatantly dirty
  • Clean the yard outside and you can purchase a new front door if needed
  • Make sure your house smells pleasant
  • Make sure there is no water in basement

2. Do research and see what houses have been selling for in your neighborhood. Once you find other houses that have been SOLD. Try to figure out why they sold for what they sold for. Make sure you compare your house with houses near to yours.

Pay attention to:

  • Square feet
  • Bedroom
  • Bath
  • Basement
  • Garage
  • For example Match brick homes with brick….etc
  • Match Ranch style homes with Ranch style home….etc
  • Location…. no one whats to live behind factories or near a cemetery

3.Get help

You would think that sellers that sell their house “for sale by owner” make more per sale, in contrast to a seller who has a real estate agent. The unbelievable truth is it’s the complete opposite.Please don’t take my word for it do your own research and comment back. I like to remind people that a dentist cleans teeth, and a real estate agent helps people buy and sell houses. Don’t get me wrong I understand there are some questionable agents out there that lack integrity and ability . Keep in mind for every lacking agent, there are several more capable and hard working ones. You will most likely see their listings, signs, newspaper ads, and sometimes even billboards . Always remember to ask questions and do not get signed into a contract you don’t want.

Agents are there to assist your needs, therefore the more you help them the more they can help you. Also never be afraid to ask questions. You should know what to do every step of the way and know your options.

Your next option is selling your house to someone in your own neighborhood for cash. You don’t hear about it very much, because there are no signs in the yard, no big open houses, and not a lot of traffic passing by or coming to the house.Its basically 2 or 3 people sitting down at the kitchen table working together on a win-win solution for everyone. Sometimes this can’t be done, but no feelings are hurt.Sometimes we end up meeting again and working out another solution.I have dealt with sellers that enjoyed our seller financing program, because they were retired and need a little more income. I forgot she also got a fat check to begin with.

So depending on the situation every seller is different. If you’d like learn more visit our …. Informational Site.


About Timoune

Christian Chabi is active in the Real Estate Marketplace in Metropolitan Detroit. He buys and sells Real Estate for his own portfolio and helps others reach their Real Estate Investment goals. In a fast-paced and dynamic industry, Christian Chabi’s approach to Real Estate investing is no-nonsense, high-energy and knowledge-based. He has studied with the best investors in the game, and is a voracious reader. He applies his knowledge with a “show me the money” frame of mind insisting that knowledge must be applicable not just theoretical. In other words, he tests all the principles he teaches with actual profit (or loss) experience. Mr. Chabi is experienced in fix and flips, as well as buy and hold, scenarios. Depending on the profitability he will do either one with confidence. Core to his philosophy is his desire and willingness to work with others. His belief is that people are more valuable than any commodity. At any given time Mr. Chabi is working in some capacity on several projects (as a Real Estate Agent, Investor or Partner). He is particularly fond of helping investors get their FIRST property. He has written several books on the subject and numerous articles. He teaches new investors to define their goals, plan their strategy and implement their Real Estate Investment Program with confidence and humility. Some of Christian’s Mantra’s are: - Ask questions until you are satisfied with the answers. - If it doesn't make profit-cents, then have the sense to walk away. - Be patient. Look for deals that have your name on them. - All deals must be win-win for all involved.

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