How Do I Sell My House In Metro Detroit Michigan?

If you own a property in Metro Detroit and you want to sell it, you have a number of options.

Which option you choose really depends on your own needs and goals, as well as the time you have available. In this blog post, you’ll read about the 3 ways to sell your home in Metro Detroit and we’ll compare each way for you.

So, how do I sell my house in Metro Detroit Michigan?

The three main ways are:

1. Sell it yourself

2. Through a real estate agent

3. As a private sale to a real estate investment company

We’ll explore each one below…

Sell it yourself

Since a real estate agent will charge a fee for their services (often a percentage of the sale price of the home), homeowners choose this method when they want to save that fee, which could often be thousands of dollars.

So you get to keep more money from the home sale in your pocket. However, be prepared to do a lot of the legwork that real estate agents normally do “behind the scenes”. You’ll need to market your property and navigate the paperwork on your own. If you’re comfortable doing this then this could be a great money-saving option for you.

Selling through an agent

Selling through an agent is still the most accepted, traditional way to sell a house. The agent comes in and helps you see how you can sell your house better, and then they market the property and walk you through the complexities of the paperwork at the end.

Yes, you’ll pay a fee for this service but the support and guidance and network of a real estate agent can make the home sale process smooth and easy! It’s not a surprise that real estate agents have long been an essential part of the process!

As a private sale to an investment company

This little known way of selling your house can be very powerful for some homeowners. In the above two scenarios, the home sale process was very costly and time consuming. Either you paid for marketing or you paid for an agent do to the work for you. Plus, in both scenarios, you also needed to spend the money and time to fix up your property and get it ready to show.

But what if there was a way to skip that part of the process? What if you could sell your home fast as-is… without all the fuss and muss of renovation?

That’s the third way — selling your house as-is in a private sale to a real estate investment company. Most investment companies will pay you cash and they’ll close on your house extremely fast (unlike the waiting game you get with the other two ways). There are trade-offs — namely, you may not get as much for your house as you would if you sold it yourself or through an agent, but some homeowners don’t mind that “expense” because they save time and money on the renovations, the clean-up, and marketing or agent fee, and there’s no waiting and hoping that the buyer’s financing comes through.

Which is best for you?

If you’re wondering, “how do I sell my house in Metro Detroit Michigan?” then you’ve got three solid options to choose from. As with anything else, there are pros and cons and you need to weigh each one — do mind doing the work yourself? would you rather pay a professional to do it? would you prefer to accept slightly less than market price to bypass all the effort and expense? This is for you to decide. But now you know your options so all you need to do is choose the best one for you!

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About Timoune

Christian Chabi is active in the Real Estate Marketplace in Metropolitan Detroit. He buys and sells Real Estate for his own portfolio and helps others reach their Real Estate Investment goals. In a fast-paced and dynamic industry, Christian Chabi’s approach to Real Estate investing is no-nonsense, high-energy and knowledge-based. He has studied with the best investors in the game, and is a voracious reader. He applies his knowledge with a “show me the money” frame of mind insisting that knowledge must be applicable not just theoretical. In other words, he tests all the principles he teaches with actual profit (or loss) experience. Mr. Chabi is experienced in fix and flips, as well as buy and hold, scenarios. Depending on the profitability he will do either one with confidence. Core to his philosophy is his desire and willingness to work with others. His belief is that people are more valuable than any commodity. At any given time Mr. Chabi is working in some capacity on several projects (as a Real Estate Agent, Investor or Partner). He is particularly fond of helping investors get their FIRST property. He has written several books on the subject and numerous articles. He teaches new investors to define their goals, plan their strategy and implement their Real Estate Investment Program with confidence and humility. Some of Christian’s Mantra’s are: - Ask questions until you are satisfied with the answers. - If it doesn't make profit-cents, then have the sense to walk away. - Be patient. Look for deals that have your name on them. - All deals must be win-win for all involved.

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